Not an Off Road Semi      Emanuel it's actually 90 deg.          Quarry Operation                 Quarry Operation

   Emanuel & Hernan          Faustino on Thin Veneer Saw     Hayden on Chopper                   Gauging Saw

Quarry Operation & Stone Fabrication

Definitely Not Off Road        Results of not Off Road     More of the Kully Chaha Guys   #1 Chopper Operation

                       Cameron, Oklahoma

PO Box 220


Layers of Flagstone                 Stone Fabrication                Walt building Pallets            Hernan on the Forklift

Thin Veneer Building                     Paver Saw                         Thin Veneer Building            Removing Overburden

 Blue/Brown Wall Cap                Quarry Operation                    Quarry Operation             New Excavator Training

     Emanuel on Loader         Pedro Skidsteer Operator    Rene Loading the Chopper        Hayden on Chopper         

Kully Chaha Gang                          Excavation                       Layers of Flagstone             One of our Excavators

   Thin Veneer Saw                 Thin Veneer Corners           Israel Chopper Operator               Stone Tumbler

        Cameron Flagstone                  Dimension Stone                       Bridge Saw                          Quarry Operation

      Splitting Seams                         #1 Chopper                         Quarry Operation

      #1 Chopper                           Quarry Operation               Thin Veneer Building            Misc. Fabricated Stone

Kully Chaha Native Stone